Opera GX Welcomes Offline ‘Sweetie’ Game; See How To Play


Opera GX: Video game enthusiast-focused browser Opera GX has launched Operius, a spaceship arcade game that will appear when the customer loses internet access, following the same principle as Google Chrome’s “Dinosaur”.

Developed with GameMaker Studio 2, the initiative was the winner of a Game Jam, a fair where experts in the field try to create games in a short period of time, from Opera GX in July. The novelty created by Twitter user “Mors” guaranteed a prize of US$ 10 thousand, about R$ 57 thousand in direct conversion.

The simple game involves shooting at aliens and dodging objects using the “W, A, S and D” keys while flying through a tunnel. There is also the possibility of checking out a local multiplayer mode with two people, who share the keyboard.

If the interested party has a stable connection, Operius can be used on the Game Jolt website or directly in the software; you just need to type “opera://operius” in the search bar.

It is noteworthy that the game will be available on GXC, the future platform for independent publishing games with GameMaker Studio from Opera, which bought the company responsible for the engine in January 2021.


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