Opera GX, the world’s first browser with immersive music


The browser designed for computer gamers launches a new feature: dynamic background music. They have had the collaboration of Berlinist.

Opera GX, the web browser designed for PC gamers, has revealed a new feature hitherto unknown in other competitors: dynamic background music. According to them, the objective is none other than to guarantee a more immersive browsing experience by incorporating sounds and music from video games in the process.

The team responsible for incorporating this surround sound is the same as the team of artists that created the sound effects of the famous Spanish video game GRIS in 2019: the composer Rubén Rincón and the Barcelona group Berlinist – who won a BAFTA nomination for the soundtrack of that title.

Ambient ‘downtempo’ music by Berlinist and Rubén Rincón

“We are delighted to finally reveal everything we had in mind: We wanted to give our browser an immersive sound experience like that of games, where a perfectly composed soundtrack allows you to focus more, forget about the rest and intensify the experience, adapting to each moment. I think we have succeeded, ”said Maciej Kocemba, Opera GX Product Manager.

The music added to the Opera GX browser is ambient ‘downtempo’, which makes it easier for users to concentrate when browsing. Each time they click on links or type it will escalate to increase drama and speed. All these effects can be activated and deactivated individually in the browser settings.

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