Opera GX Announces RGB Sync with Browser in Partnership with Corsair


Focused on serving the gamer audience in particular, the Opera GX browser officially announced this week an interesting integration that promises to please especially those who have a setup based on Corsair items and value RGB synchronization: the integration with iCUE.


According to detailed information by the company, the integration between Opera GX and Corsair iCUE will allow your setup to follow the browsed pages, reflecting on the keyboard, headset, mouse and also memories, coolers and more.

Of course, predefined themes and interactions that react to browser launch, opening a new tab, completing a file download or any other browsing task are also offered in the solution, with the CORSAIR equipment responding with a set of custom effects from the team. Opera GX design – further ensuring Opera GX as an essential tool for all gamers.

“Let’s face it: you need to stay focused while playing, so players might want to go easy on their RGB effects. As a browser, Opera GX is the perfect place for them to really let go and make the setup sparkle through colors and animations,” said Maciej Kocemba, head of Opera GX.

Those who have Corsair equipment and use Opera GX can already venture into the novelty, considering that it is already available for use and it is only necessary to use the latest version, which can be downloaded from the official website or by checking for pending updates to its settings.

Opera GX – official website

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