OpenAI’s New Artificial Intelligence Can Create A Song With Its Lyrics and Vocals

Artificial intelligence company OpenAI introduced the open source artificial intelligence system Jukebox, which can create a real song with lyrics and vocals. The songs he has created so far show that Jukebox is the most advanced artificial intelligence application in this field.

OpenAI, working in the field of artificial intelligence, has announced that a new one has joined the many artificial intelligence tools it has developed. The artificial intelligence named Jukebox, developed by OpenAI, was introduced today with its ability to produce songs along with vocals and lyrics.

The Jukebox has been trained with a data set with almost every type of music genre. This big data set enables Jukebox to produce new songs that are very similar to what the artists studied on.

Like artificial intelligence applications that can paint or transfer the style of an artwork from one image to another, Jukebox finds out how to emulate the style and genre of music. Jukebox is also trying to recreate the styles of the songs of certain singers.

Explaining how the Jukebox works, the OpenAI team says artificial intelligence can produce songs in music genres such as rock, hip-hop and jazz. The OpenAI team says that Jukebox can capture the melodies, rhythms, and long compositions of various instruments, as well as the voices of the singers according to their style.

Jukebox is not OpenAI’s first artificial intelligence app to produce music
OpenAI has been working to produce music with artificial intelligence for several years. The team was able to obtain basic tones and compositions with the artificial intelligence called MuseNet. However, Jukebox can go one step further from MuseNet and create songs with vocals as well as compositions. There is no other AI tool that works this way.

All of the applications for Jukebox so far remain at the academic level. Unless there is a category called “fake songs produced by computer”, we may not encounter the songs of Jukebox widely. Because Jukebox still doesn’t have the ability to follow the basic music structure. For this reason, the parts of the songs that catch people like refrain are not found in the songs produced by Jukebox.

OpenAI uses an interesting initiative in the field of artificial intelligence and an equally interesting method of publishing artificial intelligence tools. The OpenAI team first presents an interesting use, then they increase the parameters and strengthen the model they create. OpenAI followed a similar method in the field of artificial intelligence capable of producing music. The team that developed MuseNet, which was able to compose first, later developed the Jukebox, an artificial intelligence capable of singing with lyrics and vocals. In the future, we may encounter an artificial intelligence that can create songs that are very difficult to separate from the songs made by the singers.

Songs produced by Jukebox were also released
It takes quite a long time to make a song with the Jukebox right now. It takes about 9 hours to make a 1-minute song with the Jukebox. This makes the process quite long. However, no matter how long the time is, Jukebox is a very powerful artificial intelligence.

After telling so much, you may have wondered about the songs made with Jukebox. OpenAI has released some of the songs made with the Jukebox. If you want to listen, you can reach the songs made by Jukebox from the link here. Enthusiasts can also find Jukebox’s source code from the link here.



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