OpenAI Is Partnering With Shutterstock to Soon Begin Selling Images Created By Artificial Intelligence


Hot question: Shutterstock is implementing machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence-based “works of art” on its stock photography platform, forcing customers to create crazy and promising compensation to original artists. The AI graph debate is heating up at an alarming rate.

While artists and content creators are still arguing about the possibilities and results of images created using machine learning algorithms, Shutterstock has decided to move the market forward thanks to a new partnership with OpenAI. Shutterstock reported that the two companies have been working together for some time, and this partnership will bring new creative tools to the industry while supporting artists.

The partnership is due to begin in the coming months, when the stock photography company’s dataset will be integrated with AI image creation capabilities so that customers can “instantly” create images based on specific criteria they have set in their text prompt. It’s “Creativity at the speed of your imagination,” as Shutterstock called it in its official press release.

Future image creation capabilities belong to DALL-E, an intelligent OpenAI algorithm that, together with Stable Diffusion and other machine learning initiatives, is making changes to the creative content market. This is a radical change in technology, which, according to Shutterstock, should not contradict the interests of creators and artists.

The company will create a fund to compensate the aforementioned artists by paying a fair share for the content used to teach generative models adopted by DALL-E. Training efforts have been ongoing since 2021, when OpenAI began using the company’s images to improve its machine learning technology.

DALL-E CEO Sam Altman said the data licensed by Shutterstock “was critical to DALL-E’s learning.” According to Altman, the new client-oriented partnership will help make artificial intelligence “an integral part of artists’ creative workflows.” According to Shutterstock, the AI-based partnership “will create a new industry standard and open up new sources of revenue for the company’s artist community.”

According to Shutterstock CEO Paul Hennessy, Shutterstock has a “long history of integrating AI into all parts” of the business, making the company “the perfect partner to help our creative community navigate this new technology.” Hennessy added that AI is an innovation based on strict ethical practices, and every creator will be compensated when the time comes.

Shutterstock’s position is not exactly popular, as the debate about images created by artificial intelligence continues. Getty Images, another giant in the field of stock images, recently banned the sale of AI-based graphics, and the company’s CEO called this technology dangerous and potentially illegal. Meanwhile, online artist communities have begun to completely resist the spread of AI content.


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