Open-world role-playing games that can be played after defeating the Golden Ring


By combining Soulslike mechanics with an open-world RPG format, Elden Ring has made the franchise more accessible than ever. While previous Souls games were more linear or had more limited features, the unprecedented freedom of the Elden Ring creates an unprecedented sense of exploration and reward. This is one of the few open-world role-playing games that really conveys the beauty of adventure.

Of course, now the problem is to keep an eye on the Elden Ring. Many have already played the game several times and are probably waiting for the announcement / release of the Elden Ring DLC. The problem is that it’s an expectation, and it can be hard to find another game to play after the game has been postponed for a while. So, for those looking for open-world games that can quench such an itch, here are some that are close to what Elden Ring has to offer.

Do you like the unique qualities of the open world of Elden Ring? Play Dragon’s Dogma

Dragon’s Dogma is a unique role—playing game with an open world. While games like Skyrim have a history and pedigree supporting their claims to decades of fame, Dragon’s Dogma is a standalone game that has done the same. Of course, Dragon’s Dogma 2 has already been announced, and this gives fans of open-world role-playing games even more reasons to check out the first part. But the first one is different from other games. It allows players to climb their enemies, requires tactical combat, and the open-world design makes each path even more interesting.

Combined with this, the Pawn system in Dragon Dogma allows players to create their own Pawn and travel the world with their group. It differs from other games with companion systems, and what Dragon’s Dogma does is uniquely combine companions, deep combat, and more into a unique open-world role-playing game.

Do you like the freedom and in-depth mechanics of Elden Ring? Play Red Dead 2 or Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Very few games convey realism well, at least in a funny way. Red Dead Redemption 2 probably does it best by offering a variety of small mechanics and elements that help this game stand out. However, Kingdom Come: Deliverance offers very similar game features in terms of player health, food needs, resource management, and many others. Both games offer an unsurpassed level of freedom: players can explore the Wild West or Bohemia in real detail, but for free.

Red Dead 2 and Kingdom Come: Deliverance have more realistic mechanics than Elden Ring, but what they agree on is in depth. Elden Ring is about getting the right gear, getting good skills in combat, understanding when to use which tactics, and finding new elements along the way. The freedom of the Elden Ring approach is incredibly useful, perhaps even more so than in other games, but replacing one element with another here is the name of the game. None of them are like Elden Ring, but they are all deep, free, open-world role-playing games.

Do you want the build depth of the Elden Ring? Check out the Pillars of Eternity

When it comes to creating depth, there is no other Soulsborne game that completely rivals Elden Ring. Dark Souls 2 and others are slightly superior in terms of the variety of builds, but those who are looking for a more open experience, but a similar build depth, may also want to try Pillars of Eternity (the first and second). Pillars of Eternity is a game with a top view, which for some may become an obstacle, but it also has all the advantages of an open—world role-playing game.

However, what it does better than most is how deep and diverse its builds can be. Players will spend as much time building Pillars of Eternity as Elden Ring, if not more. In terms of depth, like the Elden Ring, it’s a great safe option.

Elden Ring is already available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.