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Sea of ​​Thieves will receive dedicated server support, from which communities can organize events and tournaments among themselves. Private servers, which will start testing soon, will of course be offered for a fee.

Offering piracy experience in the open world, Sea of ​​Thieves made players happy by coming to Steam last month. There are many ways to have fun in the game where you go on adventures with your crew or on the seas alone. Still, developer Rare Ltd. to offer hackers more to create their own entertainment.

Private servers were frequently requested by the Sea of ​​Thieves community and had been on Rare’s roadmap for some time now. In the near future, private servers will be tested in an alpha version, which includes creators and community groups. Private servers will be available in the Insider program, where those who want to sign up can first sign up to try their preview structure.

There is not much detail about what private servers can offer players to build their own worlds. However, it is stated that players can determine the number of ships and create a code to invite their community. Of course, in special games, pirates will not earn gold or reputation. So private servers won’t turn Sea of ​​Thieves into a PvE game.

The reason why private servers are first given to community groups is because they are designed to facilitate tournaments and events. It is also stated that the servers will be offered for a fee. Rare says the servers will be an optional feature that you can purchase from Pirate Emporium, although no figures have been released yet.

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