How to open “Pattern Password” and “PIN Lock” on Android?


If you have forgotten the pattern password on your Android phone, you may have had to crack the phone pattern lock. The “pattern lock problem” of phones with Android operating system is frequently encountered. The most sought after of these problems is Samsung pattern lock breaking. As you know, there are many pattern lock breaking programs developed for this. If you have forgotten the pattern password or PINI you set, here are the steps to open / crack:

1-Factory reset method of correction
When using this method, the charge level of your phone must be high. Your phone; After holding down the home button, the volume down key and the power button for a few seconds, go to the “Wipe Data / Factory Reset” option with the volume adjustment key in the menu that opens. Confirm your device with the power button. Your Android phone will open without a pattern or pin password. Let’s add that when using this method, your personal information may be deleted.

2-Open method with Android Device Manager application
You must first have a Gmail account without using the app. After determining your new password in the Android Device Manager application that you will install over the public network, you can assign a new password to your Android device with the lock option.

3-Find My Mobile method developed for Samsung devices
After typing “Samsung Find My Mobile” on your search engine, you can access your Samsung Android phone by clicking the “Sign In” icon on the official site.

4- Using the “I forgot the pattern” option
After trying your pattern password or pin password with a certain frequency, “Wait 30 seconds” warning will be displayed. If you touch the “I forgot the pattern” or “I forgot the pin” option after this warning, the e-mail and password boxes that you previously defined will appear on your screen. After typing the information you previously defined in these fields, you can set a new pattern password or pin password. To use this method, your Android version must be at least 4.4 KitKat or higher.

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5-The method of breaking the pattern password or pin on your Android phone by connecting it to the computer
You can use this method only if the USB debugging mode in the settings on your Android phone is on. First, make sure that your phone is fully charged. Connect your USB cable to the computer. Then open the command prompt program from your computer.

Type “adb shell rm /data/system/gesture.key” in the window that opens and press enter on the keyboard. Disconnect your phone from the USB cable and reboot. Your pattern or pin password will be broken.


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