Opel Mokka-e receives the 2020 Connected Car Award


Offering a completely digital experience in the cockpit section, Opel Mokka-e was awarded the 2020 Connected Car Award, which is given regularly every year with its technological infrastructure.

The Connected Automobile Award continues to be presented regularly by Auto Bild and Computer Bild readers every year. The most important issue to consider when giving this award is the digital infrastructure and technological equipment of the vehicle.

Previously, the winners of this award included Opel Corsa, Vivaro-e and Insignia model vehicles. Opel continued this success and won the 2020 Connectable Car Award with the Mokka-e, the electric version of the Mokka model SUV.

Opel Mokka-e with a fully digitized cockpit

Opel Mokka-e was awarded as a vehicle proving its technological infrastructure thanks to its fully digitized cockpit. Winner of the 2020 Connected Car Award, the vehicle offers the driver an intuitive and technology-equipped driving experience. Thanks to the Pure Panel hardware, the driver perceives all the information displayed in the cockpit very closely.

The 7.0-inch multimedia screen on the Opel Mokka-e is designed completely driver-oriented and offers Multimedia Navi Pro support. The 12.0-inch dashboard located in the cockpit area conveys all the details about the driving and vehicle to the driver.

Opel Engineering Division General Manager Marcus Lott made the following remarks about the Mokka-e receiving the 2020 Connected Car Award; “With the new Opel Mokka-e, we offer our customers an extremely comprehensive and complete package. Drivers get all the information they need from the two large screens of the digital Pure Panel. The infotainment system also offers advanced connectivity. The systems are intuitive to use and the ‘OpelConnect’ services make driving even more enjoyable. “


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