Opel Makes Official Launch of Renewed Crossland


Having realized a digital launch, Opel introduced its renewed brand identity and the first model to bear this identity, the Crossover. The new Crossover, which has extremely ambitious features, has become one of the best-selling B-SUV models in a short time.

Opel, one of the pioneering names of the automobile industry, introduced its new visual identity and the new technological equipment that cars have, which will begin to be implemented in all models of the brand, at the launch today.


The first representative of Opel in the new period, which has an extremely simple and elegant design, will be the new SUV model Crossland, which was put on sale last December. If you remember, Crossland, with an ambitious luggage volume of 520 liters and high-end technological equipment, was offered for sale at prices starting from 216,900 TL, exclusively for the launch.


Design is now simpler and catchy

The company announced that they went into a kind of detox in terms of design, so they made everything as simple as possible, yet as distinct. For example, the lightning bolt symbol, which has been used as a logo until today, is positioned more prominently on the car with thin and sharp lines.


The Vizor and Pure Panel, which will be applied gradually on all models, especially Crossland and Mokka, are designed to have characteristic features in all models. Obviously, these panels, which have an extremely futuristic design, seem to constitute the visual infrastructure of future electric cars.


Standard equipment includes a 7-inch touch screen and AGR certified driver’s seat.

The Crossland, which was offered for sale in our country in December and became the best-selling SUV in the B segment in January, has a visor panel with a sharp lightning bolt design on the front, a LED headlight group on both the front and rear, and Opel-specific rear stop lamps.


Crossland also has quite ambitious equipment in the interior. Featuring a 7-inch touchscreen multimedia screen with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto support, the vehicle offers the driver an AGR-certified ergonomic seat. The Ultimate, Crossland’s top hardware package, features a keyless entry system, Alcantara seat upholstery, an 8-inch multimedia screen and a 180-degree reversing camera.


Opel has updated its security measures along with its brand identity.

Being at least as careful about security as its competitors in its segment, Crossland comes with security measures such as lane violation warning system, traffic sign recognition system, active emergency braking system.


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