Oops! Daniella Chavez did a “perreo” in the foreground …


Oops! Daniella Chavez did a “perreo” in the foreground … A video showed the Chilean mishap to the rhythm of Daddy Yankee.

Daniella Chavez stars in a video not suitable for cardiac when making a super “perreo” in the foreground and broke the pink micro short she used with a white top.


The 29-year-old model is a celebrity in Mexico that exceeds 12 million followers on Instagram although she was born in Chile.

Daniella always stands out and thanks the Aztec country for sheltering her as one more and is recognized as a fan of America, one of the largest Mexican soccer teams.


The Chilean vedette wanted to display her ability to move her figure to the rhythm of Daddy Yankee but ended up showing more.

In the meantime, Daniella Chavez took advantage of the commotion that her short seam has been broken to promote the supplements she consumes to fight cellulite.


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