Ooblets: How To Level Up Your Character Latest


Leveling up in most games can be tedious, but the process is usually simple. Defeat the opponent, and then see how the experience scale grows. Pass the quest, then see how the experience bar grows. But then comes Ooblets, this charming little game in which the level is important, but there is no experience scale.

So how do players level up? It’s not well advertised at all, so feel free to ask for help. It turns out that there are many ways to level up in Ooblets, they just don’t appear on the screen, as it works in other role-playing games. When I realized, it’s not so bad.

Getting Experience points

All of the following gives experience points:

Getting Badges Winning Dance competitions Picking up items Earning Friendship Points Creating Items Harvesting Planting Seeds Selling items Earning Chewing gum

This covers pretty well most of the actions the character is involved in. Some major events are not listed here, such as tournament wins, but keep in mind that there are three dance performances in each tournament that count towards the goal, and that’s actually pretty good. charity list. Gamers will be rewarded almost regardless of what they choose to focus on. Ideally, they should try to raise their level in different ways.

Go to sleep

Now gamers will certainly be wondering why they don’t get all these experience points by performing the actions in question. This is very unique for Ooblets, and it needs to be understood in order to level up quickly.

The level increase occurs only during sleep. The events of the previous day will be counted and presented as a single huge piece of experience. Therefore, be sure to go to bed at the end of each day to increase the level.

Each level gives players access to more upgrades that can be purchased after they have been fed wishes. This is a huge part of the promotion in the game, so don’t forget to earn after leveling up.

Ooblets is now available for PC, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.


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