OnlyFans Will Block Sex Content


OnlyFans will no longer display sexually explicit content. Questions have long been asked about the “OnlyFans” platform. On the website, users can sell photos and videos of various kinds to those who may wish to pay for them.

Worldwide, OnlyFans has over 130 million users. Many people sell pornographic content on the platform and make good money from it. There are also a number of “influencers” on the platform, who sell exclusive content to their followers.

On Friday, the company released the news that they have now set a new course for their platform. From October, they will start blocking “sexually explicit” content.

“To ensure long-term viability for our platform, and to continue to have a society where there is room for a wide variety of creators and fans, we must develop the guidelines for our content,” OnlyFans said in a statement to Bloomberg.

According to the newspaper, OnlyFans states that this has become necessary after several of the financial partners have put pressure on the company.

However, sharing nude photos and videos will still be allowed, as long as it follows OnlyFans guidelines.

The case is being expanded!


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