OnlyFans Goes Back and Won’t Ban Adult Content


OnlyFans backtracked on the decision to ban sexually explicit material from the platform. Published on Wednesday (25), the announcement comes after the widespread reaction of content creators aimed at adult audiences.

“Thank you everyone for making their voices heard. We obtained the necessary assurances to support our diverse community of creators and we suspended the planned policy change for October 1st”, quotes the note on Twitter.

understand the case

Last week, OnlyFans announced that it would make changes to the platform’s guidelines starting in October. Known for hosting content producers’ pages for adult audiences, the site has decided to ban the submission of sexually explicit essays and videos.

Reports pointed out that the decision was directly linked to the British company’s difficulty in finding new investors. In this case, the excess of pornographic topics would be driving away financial supporters.

Tim Stokely, CEO of OnlyFans, said this week that banks were to blame for banning adult content. The executive claimed that several financial institutions complained about the publications and, therefore, did not want to be associated with the brand.

BBC reveals the behind-the-scenes of OnlyFans

After OnlyFans announced the ban on adult content, BBC News ran a behind-the-scenes report on the site. According to the British newspaper, moderators turned a blind eye to sending illegal materials.

Rather than banning or punishing creators who violate the rules, the internal guideline is for moderators to only issue alerts for removal of content. So, this was totally out of control for accounts with more subscribers.

Although OnlyFans denies that these were the recommendations, the BBC News investigation interviewed platform officials who confirmed the story. As well, journalists created accounts for the sale of illegal materials and were not detected by moderation.


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