OnlyFans ‘Explodes’ in Pandemic And Reaches 120 Million Users


OnlyFans: According to data released by the Financial Times, the adult entertainment website OnlyFans “exploded” during the covid-19 pandemic and reached an impressive 120 million users. In addition, the platform’s revenue grew 553% from January to November 2020, and subscribers devoted about $ 2.36 billion to materials published there.

In it, content creators can sell videos, photos and messages on a pay-per-view basis, requiring amounts ranging from $ 5 to $ 50. In turn, part of the money (20%) is directed to the company. In this way, OnlyFans ended up also becoming an alternative for those and those who lost income due to the crisis – and the number of people using it jumped from 20 million before the new coronavirus to the current one.

In addition, Tim Stokely, CEO of the company, says that more than 300 creators and creators earn more than US $ 1 million with the social network unsuitable for minors and gives no indication that he will put it on the stock exchange.

Finally, the results must have given a pleasant surprise to the executive, who, in 2016, declared that he hoped to reach US $ 417 million, disregarding taxes, in the subsequent fiscal year.