Only one Dragon Ball fighter can defeat Berus … And it’s not Goku


Although Goku from Dragon Ball has unlocked his own god-like powers, he still has no chance against Lord Birus (aka the God of Destruction) if the two ever fight again (considering he lost his first fight), however, there is another Z Fighter who can actually fend off Berus one clever attack.

Lord Birus debuted in Akira Toriyama and Toyotarou’s Dragon Ball Super Chapter 1. In this chapter, Berus has a vision of someone in his universe rebelling and defeating him in battle-a mysterious fighter known as the Super Saiyan God. So Berus goes to Earth after tracking down the last two remaining Saiyans in the universe, Goku and Vegeta, as he hopes that one of them is a Super Saiyan God who appeared in his vision so that he can crush them and direct his worries to simplicity. After Goku discovers the Super Saiyan God form, he fights Berus, although he suffers a crushing defeat from the God of Destruction, which greatly eases Berus’ anxiety — although it seems that instead he should have been worried about a completely different and completely amazing Z Fighter. .

In Chapter 7, “Dragon Pearls,” Bulma, Goku, and Oolong travel the world in search of dragon balls. While Goku and Bulma started this journey together, they picked up Oolong along the way, as Bulma believed that his shape-shifting abilities would come in handy during their mission. However, Oolong secretly planned his escape, as he did not want to participate in the lives of these two adventurers, who had recently ended their villainous rule in a small town. Before Oolong decided to run away and leave Goku and Bulma with nothing, Bulma gave him a candy, which Oolong thoughtlessly ate. When it was time for Oolong to run, Bulma uttered the phrase “Pii-Pii”, and Oolong suddenly fell ill with severe diarrhea, which stopped him on the spot and did not allow him to leave the team.

The candy Bulma gave to Oolong was of her own design, and after someone ate it, she actually gives Bulma full control over their intestines for quite a long period of time. Dragon Ball Super fans know that after Berus first visited Earth to fight Goku, he kept returning to the planet to eat delicious food that Bulma cooks for him. Although Berus is the God of Destruction, and he really likes his cosmic task, there is nothing in space that he loves more than food, especially when it is from Earth. If there ever comes a time when Berus threatens to destroy the Earth again, all Bulma will have to do is feed Berus the sweets she gave to Oolong, which he will undoubtedly eat without question. If she says “Pii Pii”, it will cause Berus to empty his intestines and force him to return to his home world in a hurry to take care of his awkward situation.

Although Lord Birus is a god, his attention span is incredibly short, so if Bulma used a diarrhea—inducing candy to make him run before he destroys the Earth, chances are he won’t remember that he wanted to destroy it. If Goku tries to fight Berus again to save the world, Berus will destroy him and the Earth without even breaking a sweat. However, if he was forced to leave in a hurry, as if Bulma had given him her special candy, then the Earth would be saved, which means that Bulma is the only Dragon Pearl fighter who can defeat Berus, not Goku.