Only Murders in the Building: 9 of Oliver’s Best Quotes


There are only a few episodes in the second season of the show, and fans are excited to learn that “Only Murders in the Building” has already been renewed for a 3rd season. Considering how exciting the plot was in relation to “who killed Bunny?” In the storyline, viewers hope that this fast-paced, exciting energy will continue in the third season.

One of the best things about Only Murders In The Building is Oliver, the most eccentric character in a trio solving a murder mystery. He is an eloquent and convincing storyteller, and certainly has a lot of memorable and funny quotes from the first season and the first few episodes of the second season.

Oliver about working as a director
“Stay away from the theater if you want to live. Trust me.”

When Oliver picks up some packages from Ursula in the lobby of the Arkonia, he explains that they are packages for some theater projects he is busy on.

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Before launching the podcast, it becomes clear that Oliver is a little confused. After the disaster of his production of Splash!, he struggles to find a job and earn enough money to make ends meet. However, appearance is very important for Oliver, and being a successful director is an important part of his personality. So it’s a sad quote because Oliver is saying what he wants it to be true, even though it’s not.

When the trio finds Bunny’s secret elevator
“Did Bunny have a secret elevator?” Where the hell did he go?

After Bunny’s murder, which was staged at the end of the first season, the trio searches Bunny’s apartment for clues (and Oliver’s untimely threatening letters) and stumbles upon a secret elevator.

It’s no secret that Oliver and Bunny had a stormy relationship. Oliver relies on his ability to charm people to get what he wants, but Bunny does not succumb to charm. Although she loved Oliver, she wasn’t going to let him stay at the Arkonia without paying the debt. Although Oliver didn’t like that about Bunny, he seemed to love her, but, Oliver’s classic, he exaggerated for effect.

When Oliver talks about sauces
, “I bet I haven’t had a regular dish in years. Sure, I’ve lost 13 pounds and a significant amount of hair, but it’s worth it.”

When the famous trio solving the murder mystery goes to the Tim Kono memorial, Oliver is very happy to find a table with sauces and snacks. He explains that now he only eats sauces.

The series often repeats the joke that Oliver only eats sauces and never eats full-fledged food. In fact, this completely corresponds to his character — he is always on the go and has a very short duration of concentration, so it is not surprising that he does not devote time to cooking or eating. Despite the costs, he only wants to eat hummus.

Oliver talks about the finale
“What a hell of a finale this is going to be.”

In the first moments of the final episode of the first season, when Mabel and Oliver have come to the conclusion that Ian is the killer, Oliver expresses his excitement about the podcast finale.

This quote depicts one of the best things in the whole show. Each episode corresponds to each episode of the podcast, so Oliver can reference the episodes without breaking the character. This is just one example of how this happens in the series, for example, in the second season, Oliver also refers to the fact that the show is getting better, saying: “You can say this is our second season.”

Oliver on the idea that Tim Kono wasn’t a good person
“I mean, I wouldn’t want him to be worse than Steve Carell in “The Office.” Think… Visualize… It’s difficult.”

In Who Is Tim Kono, Charles and Oliver still don’t know that Mabel knew Tim. Mabel, played by musician and actress Selena Gomez, suggests that Tim could have been a bad person, and Oliver reflects on how bad he could have been for the public to still care that he was killed.

Oliver is always thinking about what will be sold. He wants to tell a story in a way that attracts an audience, as he did as a director on Broadway. In this case, he is considering another problematic character from another TV series for comparison, but his short attention span distracts him by thinking about Steve Carell.

Oliver on Charles’ musicality
“You’re working on a murder mystery, not a hobbit wedding.”

When Oliver and Charles begin voicing their new podcast, Charles, played by Steve Martin, uses the harmonica to create the iconic instrumental used in the show. However, Oliver is not thrilled.

Oliver is certainly not one to hide his true opinion, especially in an effort to create a new podcast or show. This hilarious quote perfectly illustrates the playful and sometimes complicated friendship between Charles and Oliver.


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