Only Murders ‘Bunny Twist Repeats Tim Konovalov’s 1 Brilliant Trick


WARNING: This article contains spoilers for the third episode of the second season of the TV series “Only murders in the building”.

The third episode of the second season of the series “Only murders in the building” tells about the life of murder victim Bunny Folger, repeating the trick of Tim Kono from the first season. An apartment building in New York, which has experienced many crimes and tragedies. Only in the second season of the series “Murders in the Building” there is a continuation of the first season, when the president of the board of directors of Arconia Bunny Folger (Jane Hudishell) was killed.

Accused of her murder, true crime podcasters Charles (Steve Martin), Oliver (Martin Short) and Mabel (Selena Gomez) decide to prove their innocence and catch the real killer. They are suspected of killing Bunny because of their complicated relationship with the president of the Council. In the first season, Bunny was a harsh and interfering minor antagonist who strongly disapproved of the attention that the Only Murders podcast brought to Arkonia. However, in the 3rd episode of season 2, “Only Murders in the Building”, the focus shifts to the last day of Bunny’s life and gives an amazing insight into the character that connects him with the victim of season 1, Tim Kono (Julian Sihi).

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In addition to a mild sharp satire on the phenomenon of “real crime as entertainment”, “Only murders in the building” is also a show about loneliness. Before they met during the fire evacuation of the Arkonia building, Charles, Oliver and Mabel lived quite secluded. The killer of the first season, Amy Ryan’s Jen, preyed on lonely and vulnerable men like Tim Kono and targeted Charles as the next victim. “Only Murders in the Building”, season 2, episode 3, continues this theme of loneliness and touchingly uses it to humanize Bunny Folger.

Bunny’s resemblance to Tim Kono makes her OMITB story sadder (but better)

Despite the fact that there is a big age difference between both characters, Bunny and Tim share loneliness and a strong moral compass. In the first season of Only Murders, many residents speak of their dislike for Tim, including Mabel, who accuses him of letting Oscar take the blame for Zoey’s murder. During the investigation of Tim’s murder, Mabel realizes that Tim was blackmailed into covering up the real killer, Teddy Dimas. Out of guilt, he devoted the rest of his life to holding Teddy accountable and making amends for betraying his friends.

Only the third episode of the second season of “Murders” tells a similar, but much more touching backstory of Bunny. Like Tim’s single-minded quest to destroy the Dimas family for Zoe’s murder, Bunny’s love for Arkonia is the motive for the murder and determines her life at the expense of everything else. She sadly admits this when she tells her beloved waiter Ivan not to “love only one thing” because he “remains with nothing.” She also gives Ivan a significant amount of money to help him realize his dreams, which, as it turned out, she has done more than once. This shows the public that Bunny is not the heartless dragon of the president of the board of directors, as some residents of Arkonia believe.

Bunny clearly cares about people and cares about Arkonia, following in the footsteps of his mom Bunny, introduced in the second season of “Only Murders”. However, this concern for Arkonia and its rules has led to a distance between it and its neighbors. Unfortunately, this distance leads to her death when it turns out that she contacted Charles, Oliver and Mabel in her last hours. Because of their antagonistic history, the three leave her in the cold and sneak up to the roof to avoid further embarrassment. As Charles points out at the end of season 3 of season 2’s “Only Murders in the Building”, they could potentially have saved Bunny’s life by simply inviting a single woman out for a drink.