“Only for money”: Toni Kroos Clarifies The Bitter Comments of Casemiro and Raphael Varane of Manchester United


Real Madrid midfielder Toni Kroos clarified the comments he made regarding players who move from other leagues to the Premier League.

Kroos made comments in which he claimed that the move was made for money, in a bitter tirade that many perceived as a subtle attack on two of his former Real Madrid teammates, Rafael Varane and most recently Casemiro, who left Spain for a new challenge with United.

At the time, Kroos had nothing good to say about these transfers.

He said: “The Premier League has not won an international title this year. For many years, television money in England has been significantly higher, but this has not led to the fact that English teams have won everything.”

“Thank God, not all players look only at the salary, but also at the victory.”

The German has now clarified his remarks by attacking his former teammates, apparently softening his scathing statement.

Kroos changed his initial statement, saying, “I was surprised by Casemiro’s departure. It’s true that the rumors appeared two days before, but there are always a lot of rumors here, and often nothing happens.”

“But when he told me, I felt sad because I started remembering all the years with him and what we won together.”

Toni Kroos, Real Madrid'den ayrılmayı düşünmüyor - İspanya La Liga  Haberleri - Spor

Casemiro arrived at Old Trafford for 70 million pounds and has since guaranteed himself a place in Eric ten Haga’s starting lineup in the center of his team’s midfield.

Casemiro’s influence on the team was such that Ten Hag called the Brazilian the “cement” of the team for his outstanding contribution to both the defensive and attacking phases of the game.

Like Casemiro, Varane also became a notable United player, forming a strong partnership with Argentine ace Lisandro Martinez. However, Varan’s progress was hindered by constantly recurring injuries.

United fans will certainly not be confused by Kroos’ outspoken nature. They know which players they have in their hands and what they can continue to do in the form of raising the ceiling of the team.


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