Online therapies: discover sites that offer the service


Taking care of mental health is critical in difficult times like the coronavirus pandemic. Thus, online therapy is a means of being able to work and understand the feelings that occupy our head at that moment.

Where to do therapy online?

There are several platforms that act as a bridge between the patient and the psychologist. Thus, the conversations take place in a secure virtual environment for both parties. Therefore, we selected 7 sites and applications that offer online therapies. Check out:


With OrienteMe, the patient begins the search for a therapist using a form that analyzes the behavioral profile. Thus, the platform indicates the professionals who can best meet the user’s needs.

With plans starting at R $ 70 per week, the patient can exchange text and audio messages with the therapist and conduct videoconference sessions lasting 30 minutes. The person can also schedule two appointments in sequence.

In addition to the website, OrienteMe has versions for Android and iOS devices.

Living Psychology

As an online practice, Psicologia Viva allows the patient to find psychologists according to specialties and schedule sessions at times that adapt to their own schedule. In particular, conversations take place in an encrypted virtual environment.

In addition to providing service in Libras, another differential of the platform is the option of having consultations covered by health plans. The entire authorization process is carried out through the website or application for Android and iOS.

At Psicologia Viva, sessions last 50 minutes and the platform offers consultation options starting at $ 60 each.


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