Online stores offer triple cashback on Friday

More than 40 companies are participating in the Triple Day, a cashback action promoted by Méliuz, a Brazilian startup that offers discount coupons for free on online stores on its platform.

Basically, the cashback works like a loyalty program, in which the user registers with the service, buys on partner sites and after accumulating a certain amount in purchases, the money goes back to the consumer’s account.

To guarantee triple cashback, consumers need to register for free through the Méliuz website or application, search and select the online store they want and click on “Activate cashback”. Then, just make the purchase on the website of the chosen company, which will open automatically. After confirming the purchase, the cashback is credited to the Méliuz statement and, upon completing R $ 20 of available balance, the user informs his bank details and requests the redemption of the amount to his checking or savings account.

Check out which companies are participating: Fabula, A. Brand, ADCOS, Adidas, Amaro, Amazon, American, Amissima, Amo Outlet, Animale, Casas Bahia, Centauro, Compra Certa, Dafiti, Dell, Divvino, Droga Raia, Czarm, E-lens, Emporio da Cerveja, eÓtica, Época Cosméticos, Extra, Farm, Fastshop, Forever Liss, Foto Registro, Foxton, HP, L’Occitane au Brésil, Magalu, Maria Filó, Marisa, Mizuno, Mondaine, Netshoes, In Faro , Onofre, Petz, Ponto Frio, Poshaus, Renner, Reserve Car, Seculus, Sephora, Shoptime, Studio Z, Submarino, Tok & Stok, Vivara and Zattini.



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