Online store to buy 25,000 trams to deliver to India


Flipkart, an electronic commerce with greater reach in the Indian market, announced a new sustainability strategy to modify the fleet of vehicles used in deliveries and transport between distribution centers.

The company promised to make the transition to a 100% electric line by 2030, putting 25,000 new vehicles on the streets in that period. To this end, it has already entered into partnerships with local and international automakers, such as Hero Electric, Mahindra Electric and Piaggio.

The vehicles will have two to four wheels, including motorized tricycles, and will be entirely created and assembled in India. The country is starting a gradual transition to reduce the amount of polluting vehicles on the streets: Tesla has started selling electric cars and even announced a new plant in the region, while Uber has started a zero-emission car rental plan for drivers.

Amazon, Flipkart’s main local rival, recently announced new sustainability plans in India that also include swapping transport vehicles. In the sector since 2007, Flipkart is mostly controlled by a worldwide rival of Jeff Bezos’ company, Walmart.


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