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Today, many families live in different countries far from their homeland and try to find the cultural flavor of their country. There is a service that delivers local and cultural homemade or handmade food for Turkish families from all over the world. Being in any part of the world does not mean that you will miss these flavors. Would you like to reach famous Turkish delicacies such as dried nuts and especially Baklava? Gourmeturca by remote families and individuals in Turkey will continue to meet to taste like the ones in the country. With the carefully prepared packaging, your orders are shipped with confidence.

Although you live in America, England, Canada, Japan, South Korea, and many other countries, Gourmeturca products reach every part of the world in 2 days with Express cargo cooperation. You can find the Turkish flavors, traditions, and culture you miss with the services of Gourmeturca. in Turkey by finding the best products for you and also ensure that they can use to supply products for yourself if you want a gift for your family if you wish.

The most famous local flavors in Turkey bring to your unique tastes brought home from the producers in their respective regions stand. You can send a gift to yourself and your loved ones by ordering the indispensable taste of Gaziantep, Baklava, and Pistachio with just one click.

The feature of the products in Gourmeturca is not only that they are delicious, but that each product is supplied by the most famous producers of that region. All products on the site are notified to the company as soon as the order is placed, and your products are delivered by Express Cargo.

Having a local product list is very diverse due to the soil richness of Turkey, tomato and pepper paste dried in the sun if this region following the famous olives and olive oils, Istanbul’s most fashionable Vefa boza and online stores of many favorite flavors such as Turkish baklava varieties Gourmeturca of your shopping different allows you to do it with payment options.

The flavor of the place and you can give your kitchen that you can gift to your loved ones in Turkey, paste types, the rolls, Topkek, Biskrem, regional and package products such as Topkek Gourmetur can take delivery of your address with the online store. It also offers different payment options for your Gourmeturca orders, such as online credit card, bank transfer, PayPal, Apple Pay, and Google Pay.


Cinnamon or grinned hazelnuts are the two primary dressings. Then it is baked in a salamander broiler it becomes the Turkish dessert called sutlac, or oven-baked rice pudding. In consonance with the Islamic belief, when prophet Noah pulled through the massive flood, he was able to make a pudding dish with the ingredients that he had with him. There are many variations of this Turkish dessert. Basically, this is a mixture of sugar, grains like wheat, chickpea, and haricot beans with dried fruits like fig, apricot, and raisin, as well as nuts like hazelnut and walnut for dressing.

The dessert comes with a religious custom. Muharrem is the beginning month of the Islamic calendar. It is a meritorious deed to fast the early ten days of Muharrem, and then on the 10th day, the Day of Ashura, to cook and share Ashura with your neighbors and relatives. Therefore Ashura has had a binding social value. Today, the tradition of sharing Ashura is still very much alive.


The vital component to all Baklava is that it’s made filo dough (traditionally it’s intended to be 40 layers of the dough) with nuts chopped into small pieces as well as different treats spread out upon each layer, which is then stacked on top of each other and cooked in a syrup blend of sugar and water, drenched routinely, so it never gets excessively dry.

Pistachio baklava: This is the most well-known in Turkey. It is generally cut into squares or little square shapes and sprinkled with pistachio as well as including chopped pistachios between the layers.

Dry Baklava: In Turkish, it is called Kuru baklava. This Baklava is without the sweet sugar water-soaked over it. This draws out the taste of the nuts, and the filo dough itself is already sweet. As opposed to being cooked in the watery syrup, instead, it’s covered in a thicker syrup, which makes the Baklava drier and sweeter than ordinary Baklava. It tends to be made with any nuts; however, pistachio is the most well-known.

Walnut baklava: It is called Ceviz Baklava in Turkish. Walnuts have a bitter taste than pistachio. It’s less sweet than the pistachio, and, in case you’re requesting more than one variety, it forms a balance to a large number of the sweeter forms of the Turkish dessert.

Marron Glace

Candy-coated Chestnuts, otherwise called marron glace or in Turkish kestane sekeri, is a unique sweet produced using chestnut. Best quality chestnuts are gathered from Bursa city and made Best Quality Candy-coated Chestnuts from Turkey’s most popular brands.
Marron Glace is a combination of sweet syrup and chestnuts. Sweetened chestnut is one of the most renowned treats of Turkey. It has a valuable element; likewise; It naturally delays the feeling of hunger. Because of its own natural sugar syrup, it is a source of energy.


Simit is a sesame crusted, round bread from Turkey. Otherwise called Turkish bagel, Koulouri or Gevrek, which is crusty bread, is likely the most well-known bread in Turkey. It’s typically served for breakfast, and it generally has a ring shape.

In the same way as other bread recipes out there, simit calls for water, flour, sugar, salt, yeast, and vegetable oil. What makes this Turkish bread not quite the same as some other bread out there is that it’s dipped in a water and molasses combination prior to being rolled in sesame seeds. The water and molasses mix gives this circular bread that engaging earthy colored tone praised by a too light sweetness.

For these unique flavors and more, you can visit Gourmeturca.


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