Online player Elder Scrolls has built an in-game memorial in honor of his deceased wife


ZeniMax Online released Elder Scrolls Online back in 2014, and since then, the MMORPG has released many updates that have added more content to the game, including the appearance of housing for players with Update 13. One player in Elder Scrolls Online decided to use this player. The peculiarity of housing is to create a memorial in the game to his wife, who died.

Content creator TikTok Beyondstarlight2021 recently posted a clip from his Elder Scrolls Online player case, in which they show a colorful memorial dedicated to his wife, who passed away. Player housing was first introduced in Elder Scrolls Online in 2017 before the first major expansion of the game, Morrowind, in which the classic location from the series was moved. Elder Scrolls Online players can choose between houses, hotel rooms, apartments, estates and other options in the in-game Crown Store.

The Beyondstarlight2021 clip begins with an Elder Scrolls Online fan telling how much he and his wife played fantasy MMO together, and that he wanted to do something special to perpetuate her memory in the game. “This whole chapel is her memorial in my house,” Beyondstarlight2021 said as he entered Elder Scrolls Online’s home to highlight a striking memorial with a statue extending a white ball to the heavens. The peace pond with floating plants is surrounded by illuminated wedding flowers in the center of the Beyondstarlight2021 memorial for his wife, and the flowers lead to the aforementioned statue and her sarcophagus.

The praying statues are located on both sides of the sarcophagus, surrounded by glowing flowers and decorated with a warrior’s sword and shield, and in the center is a larger statue of an angel holding a floating white ball. In the Beyondstarlight2021 memorial, two aquariums dedicated to her love for an in-game object are installed for his wife, and a golden laboratory near one of the aquariums represents a dog that his wife once had. Apart from this Elder Scrolls Online memorial dedicated to his wife, Beyondstarlight2021 only has a bench built into his house so he can sit between the statues and the peaceful pond to watch his creation as the Argonian hero Elder Scrolls Online that he has customized.

Ever since he shared his Elder Scrolls Online memorial to his wife on TikTok, Beyondstarlight2021 has reached almost half a million TikTok users, and many fans wanted Bethesda to create an NPC of Beyondstarlight2021’s wife to honor her memory, just like she created an NPC based on Elder Scrolls 6. on Skyrim Grandma. Many Elder Scrolls Online fans have expressed enthusiasm for the memorial and would like to visit this place for themselves, in addition to condolences over the terrible loss that Beyondstarlight2021 experienced. While this Elder Scrolls Online memorial brought happiness to some players, Beyondstarlight2021 stated that the creation of the monument was necessary for survival, and not just as a survival mechanism.

Elder Scrolls Online is already available for Google Stadia, Mac, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.