Online Meetings Help Fight Climate Change


Climate: The covid-19 pandemic has drastically altered the lives of many people. A side effect was the popularization of videoconferencing platforms, hated by many. But new research has shown that this shift has favorable consequences for the environment.

Published in the scientific journal Nature Communications, a study showed that a work meeting has a reduction of up to 94% of the carbon footprint generated. If it is done in a hybrid model with half of the participants present, the percentage drops to 67%. Still nature wins.

When it comes to events and conventions, the impact is significant. According to the article, annually this industry has carbon footprints around the world equivalent to the emissions of the United States, the biggest polluter on the planet.

“We all go to events. We fly, drive, check-in at a hotel, give a lecture, meet people – and that’s it, “says, in a note published by the university, researcher Fengqi You, one of those responsible for the research.

Conventions also generate a lot of carbon through electricity consumption, paper use, food consumption and the generation of waste. But, according to the authors, we cannot forget that videoconferences also consume energy and use equipment.