Online iPod Simulator Is Released With Support For Spotify


iPod: Software engineer Tanner Villarete has developed and released a music web player that seeks to simulate the magic of the 2000s — when everything was simpler. The iPod simulator, dubbed iPod.js, is still in development and needs you to access your Spotify and Apple Music accounts to import playlists. The project code is available on GitHub and Apple has not yet commented on the service.

The user controls the application using the old design of circle-shaped buttons. You use your smartphone’s touch features or your mouse cursor to “push” iPod buttons and navigate the interface.

The web player isn’t fully responsive yet, ignoring some input in the mobile format, but the project is still under development and has only one author, so let’s not be boring.

The app even has a little brick-breaking game — good luck trying to control the buttons with the mouse. Tanner plans to expand iPod.js with more functionality and even easter eggs, but didn’t go into details.

Let’s hope Apple doesn’t “cut the wings”

In 2019, the Rewound app, another initiative that sought to turn your cell phone into an iPod, was removed from the App Store. However, unlike Tanner’s project, the application that copied from the little apple design was monetized.

Apple discontinued the classic iPod in 2014 for lack of access to the device’s components. The box that held “1,000 songs” will turn 20 in October.

Currently, the iPod Touch is in the seventh generation, and it has become a kind of “iPhone Lite”, with many cell phone features, but unable to make calls and without compatibility with various messaging apps, such as WhatsApp.