Onion Invokes Sexuality, According To Facebook


Facebook’s artificial intelligence used in content filtering made a very funny mistake. The algorithm associated onion, a food, with sexuality. The company, encountering this interesting error while trying to advertise on Facebook, thinks that the limits of the imagination must be pushed to associate onions with sexuality.

With the development of artificial intelligence, the work of companies serving on the internet has become easier. The algorithms created make the internet channels “cleaner” by making automatic filters. But Facebook’s content filtering algorithm seems to go a little over the top. Because an artificial intelligence created by Facebook associated the onion, which is very beneficial for our health, with sexuality.

It all started when a company called Gaze Seed Company wanted to advertise on Facebook to sell seeds. The company wanted to advertise using onion images placed in a basket. However, things didn’t work out as expected. Facebook did not approve the request, emphasizing that the image to be used in the ad was related to sexuality. It seems that Facebook’s artificial intelligence cannot live up to all expectations for now.

The image used when trying to advertise on Facebook was

Company officials, who made statements on the subject, tried to explain the situation with a post they shared on Facebook. The officials said that they received a warning and stated that they learned that the ad listing would not take place because the image they used contained sexuality.

Jackson McLean, one of the company’s executives, says this is a funny situation. He says he doesn’t know what onions have to do with sexuality, but AI may have associated round onions with breasts or something, but it’s a misunderstanding. According to McLean, it is necessary to push the limits of the imagination in order to establish sexual relations through onions.

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Facebook did not make any statement about the error. However, McLean and his team continue to strive to fix the problem. Stating that they conveyed the situation to Facebook officials, McLean states that the misunderstanding in question can be eliminated by controlling the image by a real person.


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