“ONEUS”, US FOX TV “Good Day Newyork” appearance … Continue full-scale US tour


The group “ONEUS” has been successfully touring the United States in the spotlight of leading overseas media.”ONEUS” appeared on FOX TV “Good Day New York” on the 3rd of this month (both local time).

On the same day’s broadcast, “ONEUS” had time to introduce the group and talk about their impressions of visiting New York for the Americas tour. The six members spoke in good English with the MC and received a great deal of feedback from local fans.

In particular, the “Good Day New York” side focused on the news about “ONEUS”‘s Americas tour and the 6th mini-album “BLOOD MOON”, showing the hot popularity of “ONEUS” locally.

Interviews with leading overseas media such as the American fashion magazine “Teen Vogue”, the popular culture web magazine “Pop Matters”, and Houston’s largest newspaper “Houston Chronicle” have also been released one after another.

“ONEUS” responded to the question “I am informing Korean culture through the Americas tour” in an interview with Pop Matters, “I am grateful and proud to be able to make music using Korean tradition as a Korean singer. “I am trying to take responsibility for taking the stage just to express Korean culture. I will make Korean culture widely known and make it enjoyable for people all over the world,” he said with enthusiasm.

“ONEUS” entered the full-scale American tour “2022 ONEUS TOUR” BLOOD MOON “” starting from New York on the 12th of last month, and met many fans in 10 cities in the United States. After that, he will continue touring in Dallas, Houston, Phoenix and Beverly Hills.