OnePlus Will Update Android For 3 Years On Top of The Line Phones


OnePlus: As part of the integration with Oppo, OnePlus announced the merger of the OxygenOS and ColorOS operating systems. With the change, the most powerful devices of the Chinese brand will receive Android updates for at least three years.

The information was revealed in a publication on the manufacturer’s forum on Friday (2). In the note, the company pledged to offer broad support to its entire portfolio.

To leave no doubt for consumers, the manufacturer presented a strong schedule for updating Android models. Check the information for each line:

Flagship models: OnePlus 8 series, OnePlus 9 and all newer devices will receive 3 major updates and 4 years of security updates;
Nord/Nord CE Series: OnePlus Nord and newer Nord CE models will receive two major updates and 3 years of safety updates;
Nord N Series: Starting with the N10 and N100, all devices will receive a major update and 3 years of security updates.

Remembering that the schedule is valid only for the brand’s latest devices. For example, the OnePlus 7 line, launched in 2019, will still have the last major update available in 2021.

Merging of OxygenOS and ColorOS

In the same press release, OnePlus revealed that it is working on the integration of the OxygenOS and ColorOS codebase. Because it’s a “behind-the-scenes process” with Oppo, the manufacturer said users won’t notice the changes.

“We now have a larger and more skilled team of developers, more advanced R&D capabilities, and a streamlined development process to continue to improve the OxygenOS experience,” highlights the note.

Finally, the brand reiterated that the Android modification will remain the software of the global versions of its devices. Meanwhile, ColorOS should remain the exclusive system for devices launched in China.


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