OnePlus will let users turn off ‘optimized mode’ on mobile phones


OnePlus: The manufacturer OnePlus confirmed that it is developing a way for users to turn off or activate the “optimized mode” present in some smartphones of the brand.

In recent weeks, the company has been heavily criticized after discovering an automatic action on the brand’s smartphones that purposely reduce the performance of applications, even on very popular platforms.

Questioned, the brand initially cited that this is a way to optimize the performance of apps without reducing battery life or generating an unusual heat on the device. A benchmark service that evaluates industry releases even suspected that this could be a method of cheating in tests.

What does OnePlus say

According to OnePlus, the new control button must be added on OxygenOS 12. However, only the OnePlus 9R and Nord 2 intermediate models, in addition to their successors, will have access to the option. Already the duo OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro should continue with the reduction in performance.

“From user and press feedback, our research and development team is currently working to add an option that lets users turn optimized mode on or off and have better control over phone performance. with the first versions of OxygenOS 12″, says the statement sent to the Android Police website.


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