OnePlus will launch its first smartwatch in 2021


OnePlus will take its place in the smart watch market with the new year. The company’s CEO, Pete Lau, made the announcement on the matter. The smartphone manufacturer will thus step into the wearable product category. Details of the watch are very limited for now. The watch’s operating system, price and release date are unknown. Lau just stated that the watch will be released early next year.

It is worth mentioning that OnePlus’s smartwatch release is not a new idea. A few years ago, there were reports that the company was designing a watch with a Wear OS (then called Android Wear) operating system. In a later interview, Lau stated that they completed the design of this watch, but shelved their plans to focus.

OnePlus has been taking steps towards diversifying its product portfolio for a while. The company produces headphones, mid-segment phones and smart TVs under the Nord series, as well as flagship phones.

OnePlus can get support from Oppo, where it is under the same roof while entering the smart watch market. It is not uncommon to find similarities between the products of the two brands. It will not be surprising that this interaction continues on smart watches.


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