OnePlus Watch Won’t Use Google’s Wear OS Platform


It was claimed that OnePlus, one of the most remarkable technology manufacturers of recent times, will not choose Google’s Wear OS operating system in its smart watch, which is expected to be introduced soon. The company is expected to include its own proprietary operating system on the watch.

The Chinese technology company OnePlus, which started to produce mid-range smartphones again with the OnePlus Nord model it launched earlier this year, continues to exist in other sectors. In this context, the Chinese manufacturer, which is present in different areas of technology with OnePlus TV and OnePlus Buds, plans to enter the smart watch industry in the near future.

The smart watch, which was previously known as the OnePlus Watch, was said to run Google’s Wear OS operating system. According to the leaked German blogger Max Jambora, the OnePlus Watch will not use Google’s Wear operating system designed for wearable devices.

OnePlus can choose its own proprietary operating system on its smartwatch:

This news was not surprising as many manufacturers, especially those based in China, released their smart watches with special operating systems that they could better control. At this point, we can assume that OnePlus will follow a similar path and release its smartwatch with its own proprietary operating system.

On the other hand, just because it doesn’t have a Wear OS operating system, it doesn’t mean the watch won’t be compatible with smartphones or the Android ecosystem. In other words, OnePlus Watch owners will continue to pair their devices with their smart watches and use them in a compatible way. However, when it comes to the implementation side, we will see how OnePlus will follow here.

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It remains unclear when OnePlus will launch its new smart watch, which has aroused great interest. Previous claims suggested that the smart watch could be launched alongside the OnePlus 8T series, but as you can imagine, these claims were also unfounded. The new estimates are that the smart watch will be announced with the OnePlus 9 series, which will be introduced in the first months of next year.


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