OnePlus Watch leaks and what we know about


Although OnePlus impresses users with its smartphones, it is entering another area: Wearable technology. It was claimed that OnePlus started developing smart watches a while ago and on this occasion it would enter wearable technology with an advanced device. These allegations began to let themselves become reality after weeks passed. Here’s what we know about the smartwatch that is expected to be called the OnePlus Watch:

What will the OnePlus Watch look like?

As we used in the main image of the news, the OnePlus Watch is actually expected to look round like classic smart watches. This smart watch, which is expected to have a design and features similar to smart watches in the middle segment, is expected to come out with the OnePlus 8T.

Last month, a device called OnePlus Watch was listed on Singapore’s Infocom Electronic Development Authority website called IMDA. The smart watch appeared here with the model name W301GB.

For smart watches, one of the most popular devices of wearable technology, there are models with price tags that appeal to almost many people. As such, OnePlus, who wants to be included in such diversity, is preparing to come out with its smart watch.

Now let’s look at the leaks we have. Known for its leaks, MaxJmb says through his Twitter account that we should expect the smart watch to have a round screen, as we quoted above. According to this claim, it turns out that the Oppo Watch with a square screen may not be very similar in design.

The smartwatch is expected to have Wear OS and Snapdragon Wear 4100 or 4100 Plus.

A OnePlus employee said that the smartwatch has been developed since last year. As a matter of fact, there is also a smart watch design that the company has given up. We add it below.

OnePlus- Watch-00


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