OnePlus upgrades memory in 8T which can harm root


OnePlus: The Chinese OnePlus has been making a discreet upgrade in some devices of its 8T model that, although it benefits the devices with the placement of a faster memory, it can represent a big problem for the fans of customizations like “root” or “custom ROM” on their smartphones to acquire more administrator privileges.

According to the Android Police website, some consumers have reported receiving the OnePlus 8T equipped with Samsung’s new 16GB memory, based on the LPDDR5 RAM chip. The novelty brings an impressive leap when compared to the memory described in the device’s specifications: an LPDDR4X RAM of 8 or 12 GB.

How do I know what memory is installed in my OnePlus 8T?

However, the apparent “bonus” has had a side effect for users who unlock their devices. The divergence affects the functioning of the MSMDownloadTool download tool, which is used to restore factory settings in case of a botched ROM customization.

The problem occurs because the root tool of the OnePlus 8T models, and also the latest 9R, is incompatible with the LPDDR5 variant, due to a conflict with the XBL (eXtensible Boot Loader) image, which is different in the LineageOs firmware, system operating system used in ROM customization.

So, if you’re the lucky owner of a OnePlus 8T or 9R, and have plans to root and become a superuser, you’d better use Android Debug Bridge (ADB), Google’s developer tool instead. Running it with the OnePlus device connected, it returns “zero” for LPDDR4X RAM and “one” for LPDDR5 RAM.


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