OnePlus signs for smartwatch plans


While OnePlus introduced its new smartphone 8T, it made another important announcement. The company has announced that it will add a new device to its product portfolio soon. OnePlus signaled that it will make its long-awaited smartwatch announcement soon.

The history of OnePlus’s smartwatches goes back to 2016. Although the company prepared a full-fledged smart watch in this process, it gave up announcing this product at the last minute. Not satisfied with the result, OnePlus decided to wait to offer a device at the same level as the other products in its portfolio.

A tweet posted in 2016 by Carl Lei, one of the founders of OnePlus, revealed illustrations of the canceled smartwatch. A new post from the company’s official account confirms the round watch design. The images here are similar to Lei’s post dated 2016.

OnePlus has not given much details about its smartwatch plans for now. However, it will not be a surprise to hear more concrete news about OnePlus’s plans soon.


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