OnePlus Requires Customer To Stop Talking About Nord 2 Explosion


OnePlus: Last week, we reported here on that a lawyer and social activist from New Delhi, India, posted on his Twitter account photos of an alleged explosion of his OnePlus Nord 2 5G smartphone inside the pocket of his black robe used in the hearings . This Monday (20), the Chinese manufacturer issued an extrajudicial notice of cease and desist against the complainant Gaurav Gulati.

In the document, which is a kind of warning letter sent to an infringer, OnePlus India confirms, according to the website Gadgets 360, that it demanded that the lawyer immediately stop publishing “defamatory videos and derogatory statements”. If this does not occur, “we will follow the appropriate legal procedures to resolve this issue”, the document says.

Why is OnePlus threatening to sue the lawyer?

In the letter sent by OnePlus to Gaurav Gulati, signed by Mobitech Cration, the Chinese manufacturer’s local subsidiary, the company claims that the user provided “contradictory and false statements” to the media about the OnePlus Nord 2 5G explosion. According to the company, the customer has “malicious intent and mala fide [bad faith]”, with the intention of deliberately harming the company’s reputation.

Received by the lawyer, who published it in full on his Twitter account, the warning states that, at no time, Gulati provided any proof of the damage caused, and that the images shared on the social network suggest the presence of some “external force” to battery pole. OnePlus understands that the initial statements were not substantiated because, in addition to not providing evidence, Gulati refused technical assistance.

The lawyer told Gadgets 360 that he refused to hand over the device to OnePlus technicians because he considered the team insensitive and believed it could mask evidence of the device’s malfunction. With this, it is now the company that demands that Gulati submit an “unconditional written apology”, under penalty of bearing “all costs and consequences” of lawsuits by the company.


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