OnePlus Registers Brand That May Indicate Tablet Launch


Maker OnePlus may enter the tablet industry soon, according to a trademark registration made by the company with a European regulatory body.

According to the MySmartPrice website, the rights to the “OnePlus Pad” brand were made official by the company at the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO). You can check the documentation on the service’s website.

Apart from the device name, there is no feature or specification regarding the model. In addition, simply registering does not necessarily mean that a product with that name is ready and close to launch, but this is an important step in that process.


Other companies that have connections with OnePlus are also in the process of registering and possibly launching a tablet: realme and Vivo, both part of the BBK Electronics umbrella.

The manufacturer recently announced its integration with Oppo, another company that is part of the conglomerate, and could become an independent sub-brand. In addition, the company has recently started activities in another electronics sector: smart watches with OnePlus Watch.


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