OnePlus Nord: price, specifications, colors and date


With a well-defined high-end range, mobile manufacturers have long set their sights on the Mid-Range, once in the shadow of top-of-the-range ranges and today the most successful range. But it is also the most competitive, since within us we have the cheapest mid-range, the standard mid-range and the Premium mid-range, which aspire to have elements of the High Range but much lower prices.

OnePlus Nord

This is the terrain in which Xiaomi or Nokia have become strong – and Samsung with its A series as well. And this is the difficult terrain that the new OnePlus Nord is heading towards.

In response to users who asked for it so much, OnePlus has decided to go down a step by launching a more ‘affordable’ mobile than its OnePlus 8 so to speak – the cheapest Nord model is € 400. And as its creators point out, the idea behind the OnePlus Nord is to be the first of a new family for the brand. Let’s take a look to see what the new terminal incorporates to conquer the almost impossible mid-range market.

Double Microperforated Selfie

Following a design similar to that of the high-end OnePlus 8, OnePlus Nord features a 6.44-inch Fluid AMOLED display with a 90Hz refresh rate and 20: 9 ratio, plus a total of 2,048 auto brightness levels for transitions. But without a doubt what the screen calls is the dual front camera Selfie that mounts the terminal, and that like that of the Samsung Galaxy S10 + it is microperforated on the screen and serves for facial unlocking. The panel has Gorilla Glass 5 protection

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The terminal also mounts a fingerprint reader under the screen for those who want to use the biometric security of their fingerprint. Turning it around we see the same main camera design arranged with the lenses vertically, only that unlike the OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro, the Nord places it on the side, not the center, which is reminiscent of the Galaxy Note camera 10 without a doubt.

Snapdragon and two models

If we take a look at its interior, we notice the element that reviews that we are dealing with a mid-range smartphone: its processor, since it mounts a Snapdragon 765 5G with support for the new standard of wireless speed. The GPU is an Adreno 620, and the manufacturer will give us a choice between a model with 8GB of RAM and one with up to 12GB of RAM, an ideal figure if you want to use it for gaming – although not being a high-end chipset like the Snapdragon 865, performance may fall short depending on which games.

We have the same option with internal storage, which can be 128GB or 256GB expandable through microSD. Nord brings out OxygenOS 10.5, the latest version of its Android-based customization layer, which includes features such as Dark Mode or Zen Mode. Along with this we have the use of Warp Charge 30T fast charging technology, which Allows the mobile’s 4,115 mAh battery to reach 70% charge in 30 minutes.


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