OnePlus Nord presentation summary


Accustomed to the High Range, OnePlus has released top-of-the-range smartphones in recent years, terminals that compete in the same category as the Galaxy S, iPhone or Xiaomi Mi. But the competition is fierce, and the popularity it had a few years ago no longer preserves it.

Therefore, in OnePlus they have decided to account for what the market demands and, like Apple, make a cheaper mobile for those who can not / want to pay a top of the range.

See the OnePlus Nord presentation online

And the answer is OnePlus Nord. The truth is that this ‘low cost’ mobile should have come out when the OnePlus 8 was released, but according to reports, the Coronavirus crisis delayed the Chinese company’s plans until today, which will be when we see the Nord in its official presentation from India . The idea of ​​OnePlus is not to just release a model, but the first in a new series, with the Nord family as an affordable model along with the next numbered OnePlus.

OnePlus will present the OnePlus Nord, along with its first TWS OnePlus Buds headphones, on July 21 in India, starting at 16:00 Spanish time. If you are looking to see the presentation of the OnePlus Nord online, you can do it live by streaming on the official OnePlus channel on Youtube, of which we leave the embedded player below:

See the presentation of the OnePlus Nord in AR

And for the first time, and also given the situation we are experiencing, the company will do so at a launch event in Augmented Reality (AR) that you can see on mobile and interact. Here we show you how to follow it:

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Download the OnePlus Nord AR app from the Google Play store or the App Store

Click on “Create your avatar” or “Be boring and skip this” depending on what you want.

If you prefer to create your own avatar, you will have to choose between several options to customize your avatar and then tap on “Confirm and continue”.

Now all you need to do is place your device on a flat surface like the floor or the table, and if you use headphones even better.


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