OnePlus intends to distance itself from Oppo in 2021


Despite the recent merger of the hardware division, OnePlus and Oppo intend to follow different strategies in 2021. Even sharing much of the technology, the companies decided to establish that they are not basically the same “brand”.

Behind the scenes information indicates that the next releases of the brands will reach different audiences. So it will have a big impact on your future mobile devices.

OnePlus 9 Pro is expected to hit the market in March. OnePlus 9 Pro is expected to hit the market in March.

In 2021, OnePlus will make a great effort to become even more popular. In this way, the manufacturer will continue with the same strategy that started in 2020.

So it will continue to focus on cheaper models and with shorter life cycles as a way to increase revenue. Even with this positioning, the brand continues to be a favorite of the European and North American public.

Predicted for March 2021, the latest leaks from the OnePlus 9 Pro indicate a major evolution of the cameras through the partnership with veteran Hasselblad. In addition, the device must maintain the OxygenOS operating system present in the OnePlus 8T.

Oppo’s path

On the other hand, Oppo will continue to expand in the Asian market and should occupy the space left by Huawei in Europe. So, the strategy will be to improve the ColorOS software and offer premium features like a 3 MP macro camera.

Bringing the recent update of ColorOS 11, the expectation is that the Find X3 line will also hit the market in April. As a result, cell phones will be more customizable, have better multitasking features and improved integration with Google services.