OnePlus Has Promised Flagship Phones!


OnePlus announced the update. According to the OnePlus statement, flagship models will be able to receive Android updates for 3 years from now on.

Hong Kong-based phone maker OnePlus has made a promise for its flagship phones. The company founded by Pete Lau, who left Oppo in 2013, had a big break. The brand, which has made a place for itself with its models with the Android operating system, is on the agenda with good news. According to a newly released report by the company, flagship (premium) models will receive Android updates for a longer period of time. However, security updates will also take longer to expire.

Update good news for OnePlus flagship models

The Chinese company has released Android updates guide. The report featured flagship phones, including the OnePlus 9. It has promised three years of Android updates for its premium phones from now on. The company has also pledged to provide four years of security updates.

The source of the news is a forum post shared by a member of the company. The three-year updates will be available for devices like the OnePlus 8 (including the T and R variants). Starting with the original OnePlus Nord last year, phones in the mid-range Nord lineup will receive two years of Android updates along with three years of security updates. But what about the cheaper Nord N models? The answer is one year of Android and three years of security updates.

Phones older than the OnePlus 8 will stick with two major Android updates and three years of security updates. At the moment, we can define the top models of the brand as OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro. Then the flagship models are as follows; Nord, 8 Pro, Nord CE, 8T, 8 and 7T Pro.


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