OnePlus has cell phone design that changes color


A cell phone whose back changes color and is equipped with a sensor to track user movements may be among the next releases of OnePlus. The news was revealed on Monday (21) by the CEO of Chinese company Pete Lau, through posting on his official Twitter account.

Called OnePlus 8T Concept, the device is based on the recently launched OnePlus 8T, but has some differences, as in the rear design. It brings a film with metal oxide under the glass of this part of the housing, capable of changing color as different voltages are applied, in addition to having an mmWave radar module.

The feature can be used in various situations, such as to notify the owner of incoming messages or calls, for example. And working in conjunction with the motion sensor, the technology allows you to accept or reject a call just by making a hand gesture to the phone, without having to touch it. See the color changes taking place in the tweet below, published by the Chinese executive:

OnePlus also states that the novelty may bring several other features, including for the health of the user. In this case, the mmWave sensor tracks the movements of the chest, causing the cell phone to change color to follow the rhythm of your breathing, delivering an important biofeedback, through a specific app.

When will it be launched?

Just like the OnePlus Concept One presented a few months ago, which used an electrochromic glass to hide its rear cameras, making them invisible, the OnePlus 8T Concept should not be offered for sale, even bringing features that arouse great interest in consumers.

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According to the manufacturer, conceptual models like the last two revealed are only used to test technologies in which it is currently working. That is, even if the devices are not commercially launched, the functions inserted in them may be present in some of the next models from OnePlus.


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