OnePlus’ First Fitness Band Design Revealed


The design of the first fitness band expected to be launched by Chinese technology company OnePlus was shared on Twitter by Stufflistings. The design of the band was found to be almost the same as Xiaomi’s band.

China-based technology company OnePlus is no longer referred to as just a smartphone maker. The company, which was established in 2013 and launched its flagship smartphones, also offered smart televisions, headphones and mid-segment smartphones to users around the world.

OnePlus will continue to add new products to its product range that it has started to expand. Although the company has postponed its first smart watch OnePlus Watch, it will also appear with a fitness band. What OnePlus’s first fitness band would look like has emerged today.

OnePlus’ first fitness band will look like this:

Stufflistings, who previously shared the products of different companies on Twitter before they were launched, this time shared OnePlus’s fitness band. The fitness band, whose official name we do not know yet, does not differ much from Xiaomi’s fitness band, which will be its biggest competitor.

Of course, we can only say this based on the appearance of the tape. Because at the moment we do not know what features OnePlus will offer us in the first fitness band or what kind of equipment the band will have. There was a claim from somewhere else about when the fitness band would come out.

The news shared by Android Central included the information that OnePlus will release its first fitness band in the first quarter of 2021. It is stated that the band, which is expected to be released in India for the first time, will come to other countries in the coming weeks. It was also among the shared information that the tape will have a price tag of $ 40.

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