OnePlus executive company buys Essential Phone brand


Recently founded by Carl Pei, a former OnePlus executive, the startup Nothing acquired the smartphone company Essential, created by Andy Rubin, responsible for the Android system. The startup became owner not only of the logo, but also of the trademark and all intellectual property of Essential.

The acquisition was registered with the UK’s Intellectual Property Office, the British institution responsible for registrations and patents. The conclusion of the deal was published on January 6 this year, but it made news only this week through the website 9to5google.

Essential, responsible for Essential Phone, was created by Rubin shortly after he left Google. The company launched only one cell phone model on the market, but closed its doors after the device’s poor sales.

The acquisition, which has not been officially confirmed by the companies, is still a mystery. Before shutting down, Essential had ambitions to continue working with smartphones and even a platform for smart homes. With no project in sight, it is not known exactly how Nothing will benefit from the new brand.

Nothing Project

Nothing’s performance, which was announced in January this year, has also been unknown. The only product the company has already announced that has work is wireless headphones.

In an interview with Bloomberg, Pei also said that the company plans to create an “ecosystem of smart devices”. These devices are expected to be launched in the first half of this year.

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