OnePlus Dynamic Wallpaper App: WallPaper


OnePlus has announced the wallpaper app called WellPaper. WellPaper will automatically change the OnePlus background in line with the user’s usage habits.

WellPaper, a live wallpaper app, pulls data from OnePlus app usage and then divides apps into six different categories. These categories are listed as social, lifestyle and communication, entertainment, game, information and business, and tools. Then a color is assigned to each category. The colors on the main screen also change during the day, depending on usage.

There are currently three patterns in the app. The first of these is the squares that change with pastel colors. All of the colors in question symbolize a separate category. The second pattern features concentric circles of different colors. The third pattern blends the colors smoothly.

OnePlus underlines that the WellPaper application will not consume much power than standard wallpaper applications. Because WellPaper does not constantly move the wallpaper and only pulls information when the phone is unlocked. WellPaper can be downloaded to all Android phones from the Google Play Store.


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