OnePlus criticized for forcing app installation on cell phones


The manufacturer OnePlus has received a huge amount of criticism from consumers for a recent practice on the company’s smartphones.

In recent days, the brand has forced the installation of the OnePlus Buds app on some smartphones from the last generations of the catalog. The worst in history? It did so without asking for any authorization from the user and regardless of whether the consumer in question has the company’s wireless headphones, which can be paired and controlled by the device.

The criticism started earlier this week, with reports that it is bloatware – that is, a tool that cannot be uninstalled and that only takes up space on the device’s internal storage.

The application is appearing on models ranging from OnePlus 6 to more recent and several users, including Brazilians, went to the app’s page on the Google Play Store to evaluate it negatively and report the practice. Previously, Google adopted a strategy similar to the Pixel Buds app and was similarly criticized.

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