OnePlus Claims to Bring ‘Best Screens to See’ in 2020


Chinese smartphone maker OnePlus announced that it will launch new smartphones with 120 Hz display technology in 2020. The company relies heavily on the technology it will use on its new displays.

The refresh rate of smartphone screens is increasing day by day. Last year we saw a little 90 Hz phones in the market. One of the companies that produced these phones was OnePlus, and the Chinese company received positive comments from the authorities.

A faster screen refresh rate means that the animations are smoother and you can switch more quickly when you slide the screen. This technology directly affects your experience of using a telephone.

CEO Lau announces the future of 120 Hz displays
Now Pete Lau, CEO of the company, announced that the company is working on 120 Hz displays for the year 2020. Lau, the company’s forum said in 2020 that the new phones will come with the best screens the eye can see, he said.

’Our R & D team has also developed a custom optimization solution that provides 7% better performance for the rendering of a single frame. OnePlus’s 120 Hz display; konusunda It has shown significantly better results in clicks, scroll response, and accuracy than other high-refresh screens. kul

Screen-specific optimizations come:
The CEO said OnePlus’s 120 Hz displays will come with 10-bit color support, with 1,024 shadows for each primary color, and the screen creates 1.07 billion color combinations. A combination of 1.07 billion colors means that the screen has 64 times more color than conventional displays. Lau claims that this means more natural transitions and the right color range when viewing content.

When OnePlus started to produce smart phones, it offered cheap alternatives to high-end phones. In recent years, we have seen the name OnePlus producing special smart devices.


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