OnePlus Buds supposed to be “fake AirPods” were seized


The US Customs and Border Guard (CBP) made a mistake that could be described as “embarrassing.” According to the news on The Verge site; police seized 2,000 OnePlus Buds wireless headphones on the grounds that they were “fake AirPods”. This mistake was heard by the masses with the sharing made on the official Twitter account of CBP.

Although the design of OnePlus Buds is similar to Apple AirPods, the name of the product is clearly marked on the box. While AirPods are sold in the US starting at $ 200, OnePlus Buds has $ 80 on the price tag. Therefore, the total price of the confiscated headphones is not 398 thousand dollars, as stated in the tweet of CBP, it goes down to 160 thousand dollars.

In the press release from the CBP, which is still available on the website, the incident is described as “an example of protecting American society from various dangers on a daily basis”. However, not recognizing OnePlus, a brand that has been in the US market for a long time, is actually a grave and embarrassing mistake for customs police.

OnePlus Buds is similar to Apple AirPods like many wireless headsets on the market. White and long-stemmed headphones are also in the portfolio of companies such as Oppo and JBL, and no such thing has happened to other brands so far. Still, the OnePlus front doesn’t seem to resent this incident much. “Hey, give them back!” Given to CBP from Twitter account of the company’s US office. The answer shows that this error also made OnePlus laugh.

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