OnePlus Buds Pro Wireless Headset Introduction Date Has Been Announced


OnePlus Buds Pro is coming. OnePlus will introduce its new smartphone Nord 2 on July 22. However, Nord 2 will not be the only product to be introduced at this event. OnePlus Buds Pro wireless headphones will also become official at this event.

The statement on the subject came from OnePlus’ R&D chief Kinder Liu. Liu stated that OnePlus Buds Pro will have adaptive noise canceling feature and external sounds can be controlled with three microphones. In addition, the headphones will also be able to automatically generate counter frequencies to bring the volume between 15 and 40 decibels.

OnePlus’ new wireless earbuds OnePlus Buds Pro seem to be similar in design to AirPods Pro. A combination of matte and glossy coating is preferred on the headset. There is a matte finish on the knob parts and a metallic glossy coating on the handle parts.

According to Liu, OnePlus uses non-conductive vacuum metallization technology for this design. Thus, it is possible to obtain a metallic appearance on the plastic coated surface.

Although the battery capacity of OnePlus Buds Pro is not known, it is stated that the total battery life with the charging case will be 28 hours. When the active noise canceling feature is turned off, the time will increase to 38 hours.

The battery of the charging case will be charged via the USB-C port and will support Warp Charge technology. Thus, a 10-minute charge will provide 10 hours of use. To learn other information about OnePlus Buds Pro, it is necessary to wait until July 22.