OnePlus Announces Release Date of New Buds


It was said that OnePlus would introduce new devices in the coming days. The company announced the release date of OnePlus Buds, one of these devices.

At the end of each year, technology companies introduce us to their products that will be on the market next year. One of these companies is Chinese technology manufacturer OnePlus. It was claimed that the company would introduce 5 different products in the near future.

We are slowly seeing 5 new products that will be introduced with the smartphone before the OnePlus 8T event, where products are expected to be introduced. One of them will be OnePlus Buds, the company’s new wireless headset.

OnePlus Buds coming on October 14th

In the image shared from the official OnePlus Twitter account, “Whatever the weather, you won’t miss a single beat with the new IP55 rated Buds. See them on October 14. ” expression was used. On the other hand, no official name has yet been announced.

The new, fully wireless headphones will weigh only 4.35 grams. OnePlus Buds in the previous generation had a weight of 4.6 grams. OnePlus also states that it will offer a more immersive music experience thanks to the new headphones.

Apart from this information, there is not much information about the features of the new headphones. OnePlus Buds will be a type of device called true wireless, meaning there will be no cables between the headphones.

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More affordable Buds

Although there is no official statement yet, according to the Max J account, which has shared accurate information before, these headphones will be OnePlus Buds Z, which is stated to be a more affordable price. Indeed, if the devices are to be OnePlus Buds Z, we will see a cheaper product than the current headphones. So the price tag will be under $ 79.

While there is not much information about the new OnePlus products at this time, as we approach October 14, more information will emerge about both new true wireless headphones and other products. What are the products you would like to see at the event?


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